June 4, 2020
Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

Still don’t have video marketing for your brand? It’s never too late to start!

Video marketing is an extremely effective way to target your desired audience. You may think of it as a sales tool, but today video marketing permeates everything. It can be used for social media, to increase website visits, in emails and even to aid customers. Think about it, you’ve probably already seen at least one video today, especially if you use any form of social media. Such a popular medium cannot be ignored by any business.

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons to start allocating time and budget to video marketing:


1. Your audience’s preferred medium

With so much content to choose from, marketing is simply a fight to get and retain attention from your audience. According to data from Wyzowl, 68% of consumers prefer learning about new products or services through short videos, and explainer videos were the most preferred kind of video to watch (39%). Everyone wants fast, easily understood information, and video is the best way to deliver that.


2. Close that sale

It is known that photos of products make it more likely for consumers to purchase them online and it only makes sense for moving pictures to be even more effective than that. A video demonstration of a product is the next best thing a customer has to an actual try-out. They are stimulating and dynamic and do away with most doubts, leading to more marketing to sales conversions. With the viewer’s understanding of the product or service increased, 90% say that videos influence their buying decisions. So, having a video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80%, according to eyeviewdigital.com. You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t take advantage of those numbers.


3. Give a human touch

Video is a great storytelling medium. Consumers are more attached to brands that are humanized and build a connection with the audience. Video is decidedly better at doing this than text. It can elicit a more intense reaction from your audience and often they are able to react and comment in real time creating more engagement. Videos engage both the visual and auditory senses of a person. They command more attention and are remembered much longer. Videos are better at evoking an emotional response from the viewer. People tend to remember a video that made them laugh, cry or feel nostalgia for weeks, even months after they saw it. This is rarely achievable with static, less dynamic media.


4. Get organic shares

If people connect to your video content, they are more likely to share it and give it traction on their own. Surveys show time and again, if viewers find your video content entertaining, 76% of them are more likely to share it. If it’s informative, 65% of viewers are more likely to share it. Videos are given preference by social media algorithms and they now play automatically on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. More often than not, people stop scrolling to look at videos. More shares on social media especially help smaller businesses whose content may get lost in paid ads and algorithms based on popular activity. The increased visibility will get your product to its intended audience, and since that reach was organic it will be more effective. Who doesn’t want their content to go viral?


5. Improve SEO and reach your audience

If you want more reach for your brand, you need it to be visible in the right places to help search engines find your content and put it higher up in results. Google (also Bing and Yahoo) are constantly pushing more relevant search results and since audiences prefer video, search engines also prefer video. We often see video results at the very top of the page and since Google owns YouTube, video content will make a significant difference to your search ranking.

Other than search engines, you also want your brand to be visible to mobile users. People take their cellphones and tablets everywhere and fill any idle moment by using their devices. According to JWPlayer, 50% of the time people spend online is on a smartphone and 75% of all videos are watched on a mobile device.


6. Target your efforts

Since users spend 88% more time on a website with video, having video content is not only a great way to increase engagement, it will also make it much easier to track website metrics. You can check how long people are viewing a video, which parts are being replayed and which are being skipped over. You can use tools to retarget people who watched and showed interest in your products and know in great detail exactly what kind of content is taking off. You can boost your sales by seeing which videos lead to the most conversions and then promote and replicate that content.

From reach to returns, video marketing is useful for every aspect of your business. That’s why your company needs to invest in it. If you’re looking to start a campaign of your own, contact us and we can help you see the benefits for yourself!

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