Where to Use Explainer Videos on Social Media

Social media is the place to be for every business. If you own a business, you must be constantly thinking about how you can get the most out of your social media marketing.

The Best Places to Post Explainer Videos

The three major social media platforms you can utilize to get traction for your explainer videos are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You can start off by putting content on all three of these and then see which one to focus on the most.


The outreach: Facebook is still the leading social media website with a reach that gets to 60% of all internet users and its usage has been increasing since it’s conception. This is a very large concentration of versatile people, making it more likely for your content to reach the desired customer. When it comes to video, 81% of marketers prefer to share their promotional content on Facebook, which makes sense, as the platform has an average 100 million hours of video watch time every day. This makes Facebook a great place to start putting your explainer videos out there.

Who should use it:  If you are at the awareness phase of your business, you will reach a large amount of people and Facebook analytics will help you narrow down your target audience. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to advertise online. Their average for cost-per-click is 1.86 and cost-per-thousand-views is 11.20. Of course, it could get more or even lesser! Basically any industry could use this platform.

“94% marketers from the B2B industry use Linkedin. 94% of marketers also agree that this social network is the most effective in terms of marketing and lead generation.”


The outreach: It is no surprise that YouTube is the most popular video platform out there, ranking in second place as the most used search engine as well. Though not necessarily categorized as social media, YouTube is now aiming to catch up to other social media sites by introducing shopping ads. YouTube is surely the first place anyone goes to find a video. It is the second most popular user platform and even if someone doesn’t have an account, the video giant can potentially reach up to 95% percent of internet users with its multiple language capacity. 90% of users find brands on there and watch 1 billion hours of video content every day. Even their video ads will now become more interactive, with additional actionable call-to-actions.

Who should use it: So, if you have made any sort of video content for your brand, YouTube is the place to put it out there. There, brands can build entire personalities and leverage immense reach from an engaging YouTube channel. If your video asks questions to the audience or aims to elicit a response, the comment section will be quite active, leading to more exposure.

If you want to use YouTube ads, make sure your video grabs the audience’s attention in 8 seconds or less. You should have your analytics up and running, so you could throw it out there at your target audience.


The outreach: Instagram reaches about 37% of internet users and is third behind Facebook and YouTube, but the interesting thing is the amount of engagement that occurs there. Users on Instagram are more likely to take action after seeing marketing content, with four times more brand interaction than Facebook. 83% of Instagrammers find new products and brands on Instagram and 71% of US businesses take advantage of that by using the platform.

Instagrammers with a substantial fan-following use their channel to be paid to advertise products, and recognition is gained by both parties. A lot of brands also offer free products on Instagram, in exchange for shoutouts by users. This system is thriving on that social network. Instagram is a purely visual platform and is a great place for visually appealing animated videos. Plus, since how-to-tutorials are the most popular content for Instagram, explainer videos will be right at home there.

Who should use it: Brands can flourish here if you’re looking for a younger audience.  If you have a proper marketing strategy that’s on-spot with the visuals, there’s no stopping you! Since the young generation is more receptive towards new trends and ideas, you could use this platform even if you feel like your product is too unique to cater to an existing group of consumers.


The outreach: Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. with over 630 million active users. According to statistics by the Content Marketing Institute, 94% marketers from the B2B industry use Linkedin. 94% of marketers also agree that this social network is the most effective in terms of marketing and lead generation. The advantage of using Linkedin is the fact that you know exactly who you’re reaching out to, based on several metrics. like job title, industry, company size. skills and geographical location. You could actually directly target decision makers, and engage with a whole network of tech-savvy professionals who are actually interested in the content you share, whether it’s a video of your new product or an ad about a product they’d be interested in.

Who should use it: The percentage of social leads for B2B companies is 89%, so Linkedin would be ideal for B2B  marketers. Positively engaging company employees (who won’t be averse to adding you, with no fears of  disrupting their work and personal life balance) on video posts can leave a long-lasting  impression of your brand. It’s not necessary to use Linkedin for B2B, though.  If the description above appeals to you, and you already have a well established Linkedin profile, it’s not too late to start now!

Social media is the place to connect with an audience like never before and if you want to do so, video content is the way to go. If you feel like your social media marketing strategy is missing that edge, get in touch with us to put your mind at ease!

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