How to Use Explainer Videos for Employee Training

Businesses always evolve with time. Today, we see businesses moving from using dull PowerPoint presentations to videos for training their employees and onboarding new hires. This is because of a multitude of reasons, but they all can be summarized with the word, efficiency. Employee training with explainer videos are simply more efficient than text or speech. The audiovisual medium is said to be much more engaging and makes a more lasting impact on your memory.

With video training, you don’t have to give the same tedious presentation over and over again, or hand over a text-heavy manual that is unlikely to be read. These videos are not restricted by time and place and can be projected on a wall, played on a laptop or viewed on a personal mobile device by sending a link. This is especially useful if you have remote employees as they can access the video anywhere and it can be easily adjusted for different languages and regions. All these advantages sound great, but it can be a bit confusing to figure out how to plan a video training course. We have a few suggestions for different ways you can use explainer videos to help out your employees.

1. Onboarding New Hires

Induction of new hires can be time consuming work, especially for larger organizations. The new employees are usually nervous about working in an unknown environment and need to quickly familiarize themselves with the company culture and their roles. From the company hierarchy to the protocols and values of the business, there are numerous things that should be communicated to give an employee a good start. You can even make a series of videos to explain different products or services you offer and different aspects of the work to be done. This saves time and energy for your HR department and allows employees to refer back to the video if they need a refresher.

2. Customer Service Training

Customer service is the frontline of a company for a reason. A good customer service experience can be the deciding factor that wins a sale. Most companies have specific policies on how to deal with customers properly, what tone to use, and how to handle criticism. Explainer videos can not only be used to teach sales representatives how to conduct themselves, but also what they should know about consumer behavior, their needs and expectations. All of this is vital information that would take a lot of time to convey individually to every new hire within the sales department. This is definitely reason enough to have a detailed training video that empowers and motivates your sales department. It can play a major role in bringing consistency to the customer service you provide, especially if you have multiple locations for your business.

3. Safety Awareness

Safety training is an imperative part of any workplace training and should never be overlooked. If working at a company involves factory work, health services or equipment handling, employees need health and safety training to avoid workplace injury or discomfort.

Animated explainer videos can be used to give safety demonstrations in all different kinds of situations. This is the most efficient way to communicate safety instructions in hospitals, oil and gas companies, airports and even in corporate businesses for emergency protocols.

4. Developing Technical Skills

Whether it’s a software update or a new industry tool, an animated explainer video can pretty much do what a training class would. The entire point of these videos is that they illustrate complex processes in a way that’s easy to comprehend. They form a sort of self-training program for the employees where they can go back to the video in case of confusion or refer to different videos any time they come across a hitch. Videos can guide them through the installation process, to security checks and onto usage.

“This not only makes employees feel more independent, but also reduces the cost of hiring a professional trainer for multiple sessions and refreshers.”

5. Workplace Etiquette Training

Etiquette training sessions are the most awkward part of any HR professional’s job. The topics can be about anything from sexual harassment to cleanliness and are sometimes difficult to conduct. Nonetheless, this information is important for a comfortable work environment. Explainer videos can be a much better way for employees to access the training. Links to the videos can be sent to employees in email newsletters and HR campaign materials. They work especially well in the hospitality industry where there are many principles of social etiquette to be considered.

Employees are the biggest asset for any business and deserve the best training to enhance their productivity and help them succeed. Explainer videos are brief, comprehensive and easily accessible. If this list has you thinking about the training needs of your company, check out our explainer video services to see how we can help!

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