November 26, 2019
Explainer Videos Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re making your own explainer video or hiring someone to make one, there are a few key factors you need to know to ensure  its success, as well as a few mistakes to avoid. Nothing is set in stone, but we do have some advice that can help you get the maximum out of the time, effort and money you put into your video. We believe that explainer videos should be as creative and engaging as possible.

Do Tell a Story

Stories capture attention right from the start and are more relatable to audiences. Using characters and a realistic ‘plot’ from problem to solution humanizes your brand and makes your product pitch more believable

Don’t Make it Too Long

Research says that 60% of your viewers might stop watching before they make it to the 2 minute mark. This means that to keep your viewer engaged, your video needs to be brief and to the point. Also, your script needs to be precise enough to get your message across within the first minute and a half. State the most important information as soon as possible so that even if the viewer stops watching, the gist of your message has still been communicated.

Do Use a Clear Call-to-Action

Your explainer video should lead the audience to the next step you want them to take. If your video doesn’t tell people what to do next, like maybe purchase the product or get more information, you’re just telling them to click away. The end of your explainer video should determine your viewer’s next click.

Don’t Oversell

People nowadays make highly informed purchases. This is why they are looking for valuable information online and tend to find hard-sells irritating or untrustworthy. Your video needs to be a source of the information they are looking for instead of an advertisement. If you explain your product well enough without being too pushy, the consumer is more likely to make a purchase decision in your favor. You can always use other formats to advertise later on.

Do Focus on the Problem

A lot of times your product may be solving problems or making lives easier in a way that people don’t even realize they need. If someone is actively searching for a solution to a problem, they might approach your brand themselves – but that rarely happens. People need to be told how your product will positively impact their lives. If you keep focusing on what your product can do without emphasizing why people need it first, they might not consider it useful to them.

Don’t Explain Too Much

If your product has a lot of different features, it is better to focus on how each feature solves a problem rather than trying to pack too much information into one short video. It would be more effective to make a series rather than risk overwhelming the viewer and not getting any information across at all. If your product is complicated, try to simplify your message and carefully choose what information to put in the video without making it too dull. You can always direct them to more in-depth information or another video at the end.

Do Use Branding

Like the other elements of your marketing strategy, an explainer video is also a representation of your brand. Your explainer video is often one of the most viewed videos your brand publishes. So, make sure it uses the same branding and tone your company applies everywhere else. The viewer should be able to associate the video with your brand even if they are seeing it somewhere out of context, such as on social media.

Don’t Use Technical Jargon

Some technical words may be unknown or confusing to your audience. Your video is meant to make your product easy to understand and different kinds of jargon is quite counterproductive. Keep the language accessible and fun. The audience should feel like a friend is telling them about a new product that they might  need.

Do Consider Using a Professional

Just like you are the expert on your product and brand, there are professionals out there who are experts on making efficient explainer videos. Unless you have video production available in-house, hiring a professional will be much easier. They know what works for which audience and have all the technical skills needed to make your video look good. They also keep you involved during the process without you having to spend time researching, writing, animating and recording.

Don’t Overthink It

Most of the times, people watch short videos because they are fun to watch and easy to understand. Those two things are usually enough for your viewer to watch until the end and then later share it, indirectly becoming a spokesperson for your brand. Just place yourself in your consumer’s shoes and pick out the most interesting parts of your product. Don’t be afraid to try out your creative and unusual ideas!

If these points gave you lots of ideas for your own explainer video, contact us and we can help you bring the perfect explainer video to life!

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