November 27, 2019
Different Kinds of Product Videos that Can Boost Sales

Everyone’s always talking about how video is the way to go when marketing your products. Videos get more reach, shares, and sales, and are hands down the best thing to make your product shine. Product videos are what most customers prefer when it comes to learning about something they might buy. About 62% of customers watch product review videos before making a purchase. But what kinds of product videos are there? What video will suit your product best? We’re here to answer some of your questions and make your video marketing decisions easier.

What is a product video?

Product videos showcase a product’s features and demonstrate what it can do. They’re the next best thing to actually going and checking out a product in person, which isn’t possible with online businesses. Not every business has a walk-in store for customers to try out their products and it’s difficult to build consumer trust without that. Product videos are what convinces the customer to make the buying decision, especially when they are placed right on the purchase site. This means that whether a person is searching for your product on a search engine or looking for it on social media, they will be able to see how it works right then and there.

Demo or Feature Videos

The first thing that jumps to mind when it comes to product videos, is a demo video that takes the potential customer through all the features of a product. Often, people who fall within the target audience for the product are chosen to show what it’s like to use it. They may describe some or all of its features and demonstrate them in action. The main difference between this, and a how-to video is that it is also making a sale, so part of the purpose is to make the product look cool and desirable.

Product Type: This kind of video works best for products that would be better shown instead of described in text. If the product is meant to be used in a specific manner,  a demo video would work much better than photos. Demo videos can also be used for products marketed for a specific feature. For instance, a product can be subjected to endurance tests on video if its durability is to be highlighted.

Close-Up Videos

This kind of product video is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a detailed close-up of a product. A well-produced video showing your product in good lighting, from all sides, can really help clear customer doubts. People tend to trust how things look on video a lot more than they would in photographs.

Product Type: Close-up videos can be great for products that are more visual than demonstrative. If you have beautiful products that have details or craftsmanship, it would be a waste not to be able to show those off properly. A high-quality video like this can bring the customer up close and personal to the product.

How-To Videos

The how-to video is essentially a lesson on how to use the product. These videos are meant to be tutorials on handling the various functions of your product, usually in a step by step format. Unlike demo videos, these are more focused on functionality. These are useful for both current and new customers and can address frequently asked questions. How-to videos can also be more indirect, in that they can be used to show how certain tasks can be done more efficiently with your product. For instance, you may show how someone can be a better cook by making recipe videos incorporating your kitchenware product.

Product Type: These work best for products with some kind of complex function or multiple uses. It can also be used for products that require assembly or installation in a particular way.

Story Videos

Products with unique stories always benefit from having these stories told in video form. They connect with audiences and humanize a company and what it produces. Story videos can do a wonderful job of not only telling these stories, but also getting them noticed. When a narrative is built around your product, it is remembered for longer.

Product Type: Story videos are for you, if your product has an interesting origin story. How the idea was conceived, how the product is made, the journey of the brand or person behind the product, these are all great candidates for story videos. They are also the best option for products that are focused on charitable causes or working towards the greater good. Even if your product has made an impact on a smaller scale, liking helping an individual or a family, if you believe this is a story your product should be associated with, story videos are the choice for you.

Testimonial Videos

Finally, we have testimonial videos. Such videos feature positive feedback on a product from its users. Potential customers are able to see other buyers like them, talk about your product and its uses. These are different from reviews and unboxing videos because they eliminate the possibility of negative criticism, as you decide what goes on your website. Testimonials in video form are more engaging than reading written reviews.Seeing a person look happy and satisfied with a product can be much more convincing for a viewer. Testimonials may also be taken from relevant experts or popular influencers that could be associated with the product.

Product Type: This kind of video can be used for pretty much any kind of product.  If people like your product, why not tell everyone about it? A few honest testimonials can go a long way as long as you know customer satisfaction is being handled in reality. It is always better to address actual concerns before promoting positive feedback, so the brand doesn’t come off as deceptive.

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