November 22, 2019
A Beginner’s Guide to Explainer Videos

The internet is an arena full of people with short attention spans chasing after never-ending information. The businesses that come out as winners are the ones that present ideas in a way that’s interesting enough to catch attention, but quick enough to get the message through before the next distraction pops up on the screen.


The medium that has proven to be the most efficient in doing so is video. People looking for a product are more likely to watch a short video explaining something quickly than to read through paragraphs of information. Consumers look at a lot of different options and the easier you make it for them the more they might be inclined to choose you. This translates really well into revenue which, according to a 2019 report, grows 49% faster for companies making use of video as a communication tool. You want to be one of those companies.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that companies use to introduce their business and what they have to offer, in an engaging and effective way. These are usually present on the homepage of their website or on relevant landing pages. Some companies also use them in advertisements and on social media.

Kinds of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can generally be classified into five categories, these may overlap but knowing what they are can set you off in the right direction to what suits your business best.

Benefit To You Videos

These let viewers know what a company is about and what its value proposition is. Its purpose is to give them a quick overview and leave your audience with a positive impression.

FAQ Videos

These function just like an FAQ tab for your website, but are more personal and engaging. They answer common questions and can be updated to add new ones as they come up.

Testimonial Videos

These videos show viewers why customers choose a certain product or service and how much they liked it. They build trust and credibility while bringing authenticity to the marketing material.


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How-to Videos

These may help customers maneuver and navigate through specific functions such as placing an order or using software.

Demo Videos

These videos explain products or services in detail by giving viewers an idea of how their user experience would be.

What makes an effective explainer video?

A Strong Script

It goes without saying that the success of your video depends on the script it has. It should be able to capture the viewer’s attention within the first 6 seconds (or they might abandon it right at the start) and not be longer than 3 minutes (or they might abandon it a little later). The narrative should be simple and devoid of jargon, focusing on the benefits of the product before anything else. It’s important to quickly address what the customer is missing in their life and how the product is there to help them out.

Relevant Graphics

The graphics of the video should align with the company’s branding and appropriate for the product and target audience. They should consider age and cultural accessibility as well as aesthetics.

The Right Music

Similar to the way graphics work, music should also be in tune with the message of the company. Appropriate music is very useful in getting the desired emotional response from the viewer.


A lot of people choose not to turn on the sound for videos they come across depending on what setting they are in. This is why it’s important to include subtitles or the entire message of the video may be lost.


A Convincing Call to Action

Effective explainer videos tell the viewer what the next step to take is when the video ends. This call to action may be anything from making a purchase to signing up for a newsletter. The right emotional triggers, such as a reminder of someone’s pain points, can inspire them to take another step towards the solution you are trying to provide them.


Styles explainer videos Can be made in?

There are a variety of different production styles to choose from when it comes to making an explainer video for your business. Animated videos are popular because they allow more creative room and are relatively easy to produce. Some commonly used animation styles include story-driven animation, infographics and whiteboard animation.


These may be centered around 2D or 3D animated characters representing the customer on their consumer journey. They show how your product or service may help solve their problem.



These videos include charts, graphs and statistics along with easy to understand icons to give an informative overview of the company.




Whiteboard style animations feature quick drawings on a whiteboard or chalkboard accompanied by a voiceover to explain a concept or tell a story.


Screencast Videos

For products such as software, digital services or site navigation, screencast videos capture the product in action and demonstrate its uses.



Kinetic Typography Videos

People may not always like to read text but text in the form of animated video is a completely different story. Kinetic typography videos use moving text to explain concepts over a short duration and use different styles to convey tone and emotion.


Other than animated videos, explainer videos can also be live action, where actors, spokespersons and objects are used to film an explanation of your company’s product or service. Often the spokesperson is the CEO or founder of a company talking to the viewer about their mission and benefits. These videos may also feature brand ambassadors or customer testimonials.


Determining what style and content your explainer video should have, depends on the requirements of your product as well as your vision and resources. If you’re ready to plan and produce engaging and informative explainer videos for your business, be sure to check out our services and we’ll get you to your goal!



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