May 11, 2020
6 Best Mother’s Day Video Marketing Campaigns

Every year Mother’s Day provides marketers and brands with the amazing opportunity to produce sincere, emotive campaigns. Ads that move people in some way are always the most memorable. The more genuine, touching, funny or relatable a Mother’s Day campaign is, the better it is for the brand reputation without even having to make a hard sell.

For Mother’s Day, people not only buy gifts for their moms, they also like giving gifts to their wives, daughters and grandmothers. Mother’s Day is the third-highest grossing retail holiday in the US. As of 2016, 27% of those purchases take place online and this number is sure to grow this year, as retailers see a sharp increase in online sales of non-essential items because of the stay at home orders. So, now is as good a time as any to really search your heart (or ask your mom) for an endearing Mother’s Day campaign idea. Here is a list of unique campaigns to help you feel inspired.

#HeyMom, thank you!

Google’s Hey Mom! might just be the campaign that strikes a chord with every mom and child out there. This video ad for the Google Nest Hub shows how kids can call on their mom for anything any time. No matter how old you are, your mom is who you go to for help. The ad is lighthearted yet impactful. It lets moms know that when they feel overwhelmed they can use the Nest Hub to connect with their own mothers.

The Unique Connection

The jewelry brand Pandora created a heartwarming ad with a unique premise. Children had to pick their mom out of a line-up of women while wearing a blindfold. It leaves the viewer waiting to see if the child will find their mom in the end, as they approach each woman and touch their hair or face. It’s such a perfect representation of the mother-child bond and just so precious. It is one of Pandora’s most loved campaigns with over 19-million views. This really bodes well for them as jewelry is the most commonly bought Mother’s Day gift, with over 4.6-billion dollars in sales. This is the holiday jewelry brands need to really differentiate themselves from the competition.

Swear Like a Mother

Campaigns that do humor well are always winners. This 2017 video from Kraft Foods opts for a lighthearted approach to what it’s really like to be a mother. Melissa Mohr, author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing, tells moms like her that it’s okay to swear and let off some steam when you get frustrated. The ad addresses the pressure mothers feel to be perfect all the time and shows them that they don’t have to be. Once in a while, it really is okay to take a break and serve your kids a boxed dinner of Kraft macaroni.

Dear Mom

Another top selling product around Mother’s Day is greeting cards. In 2018, 813-million dollars was spent on Mother’s Day cards. This year, Hallmark released a touching commercial featuring a young girl with down syndrome whose mom supports her through every stage of her life. The ad does a wonderful job at portraying the unconditional love and genuine friendship the mother and daughter have. And what better way for the daughter to show her appreciation than by writing a heartfelt card for Mother’s Day.

True to Your Roots

Carol’s Daughter took inspiration from their brand heritage and created the True To Your Roots campaign. This campaign focuses on the relationship between a mother and daughter and multi-generational family traditions. This video stars a real mother and daughter and feels warm and authentic. Mothers teaching daughters how to care for their natural hair is a lovely bonding process and a beautiful tradition to showcase in a Mother’s Day commercial.

A Mother’s Love

Last but not least, a campaign that might be particularly relatable in current times, Teleflora’s A Mother’s Love campaign. Flowers were the second most sold Mother’s Day gift in 2018 with $2.6-billion dollars in sales. Teleflora, being a flower delivery service, always puts a lot of thought into their Mother’s Day campaigns. This year’s ad recognizes the struggles mothers are going through with parenting during quarantine. The ad features videos from real families and appreciates how hard moms are working for their families under these strange circumstances.

This concludes our list of some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns we have seen in recent times. It’s never the wrong time to celebrate mothers and all that they do to make us who we are. If you incorporate some of that emotion into your marketing campaigns, they are sure to resonate with people and be a success!

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