May 5, 2020
3 Steps to Start Video Marketing for your Company

If you’re reading this, you must be convinced that video marketing is a powerful tool you need to start using to get more out of your business. Well, you’re on the right track because video content is what most consumers want to see from brands and companies that they are interested in. According to Hubspot, 85% of consumers would like to see more videos from businesses they support. This means that if you need a way to build brand recall and keep customers coming back to you, video is a great way to do so. Not only that, videos also get results if used to raise brand awareness. 50% of internet users look for videos of a product they are trying to buy before visiting a store. So if you want all those people looking at your product, it’s never too late to start video marketing.

#1: Choose a Reliable Video Style

The first question that might come to your mind is, what kind of videos should I be making? If you’re just starting off, we suggest sticking to what you know best. As marketers would know, there are three widely used types of content that are pretty reliable for getting results. These include inspirational content, educational content or entertaining content. Determine which style suits your brand best by analyzing your brand personality and your target audience. Think about what your brand is all about, the other content you have been making and what your consumer base likes.

Inspirational Videos

Brands with unique stories or the potential to build an emotional connection with viewers should make the best of that by investing in inspirational videos. 55% of consumers online say they would share a video if they found it inspirational. If your brand focuses on stunning visuals or memorable moments make those into shareable inspirational videos.

Educational Videos

If your brand is bringing something new to the market that the audience needs to understand, an educational video might do the trick. If they need to learn some practical steps or new concepts, these videos make that a lot easier than text or even photos. 36% of consumers say they would actually like to see more educational or explainer style video content. Start video marketing by creating videos out of the infographics you use to promote your services or making demo videos for your products.

Entertaining Videos

The most loved video content is always entertaining in some way. That explains why 73% of consumers worldwide prefer seeing entertaining videos on social media. It just works. Use your videos to make people laugh or create intrigue. A funny video with an unexpected twist will get your audience’s attention and will be remembered for longer. A great example of this is Allstate’s Mayhem Cat commercial.

#2: Gain More Reach Through Influencers

Look for people relevant to your business that already have a following. For example, if you run a clothing brand, try to get in touch with a fashion influencer. You don’t need endorsements from celebrities or models, find a blogger or a YouTuber whose sense of style is similar to what your brand offers. When they share your video, the people they reach will most probably be the kind that are usually interested in your products.

Smaller companies no longer have to watch big brands use celebrity or athlete influence to dominate the market. Collaborating with or sponsoring online influencers is an easier, relatively inexpensive alternative for a company of any size. It is also very effective. Almost 40% of Twitter users have made a purchase after seeing a Tweet from an influencer. The reason is that audiences find online influencer content more relatable and it doesn’t fall prey to ad blockers. So it makes sense that nearly every company is choosing to work with them these days.

#3: Make the Most of Your Ads

Use videos in other areas of your marketing strategy, especially your ads, that’s where your content is getting the most exposure. You want the most returns on your paid marketing and videos can help with that. The average video ad on Facebook costs 10% of a carousel or single image ad. Plus, Facebook ad audiences are extremely customizable. You can create relevant video ads for each segment of your target audience. You can vary videos by location, age or interests and make sure every viewer is seeing an ad that works for them. The more high quality your ad is, the more viewers will turn into customers.

Of course Facebook isn’t the only place where you can purchase video ads. But pretty much the same principle applies anywhere else. If your content gets more engagement on Instagram or more of your audience uses YouTube, promote there.

Just like any other marketing content, your first video won’t give you instant results. You will need to try a few things, analyze your results, recreate what works best for you and get rid of what doesn’t. You can get this information not just from your dashboards and marketing metrics, but also from the comments and feedback you receive on your videos. With a little bit of consistency, you too can get the video marketing results you see other companies brag about.

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